Trees are a good thing in December of 2023 and the old Ice House is getting revamped!

It's December 20th 2023, the day before the Winter Solstice. I took these pics at 2:00 pm when often times the temps in the Tunnel of Trees and the Pasture are very similar as is the case here. What a strange year for weather patterns. It hasn't rained in several weeks but last Saturday Dec 16th we got 4 inches ~ happy to have it! 

On another note, the St Johns River in Astor, FL is still at minor flood stage but 
the old Ice House/Dance Hall is being revamped and will soon be lived in as a home.
We found out that she was built in 1926, in a little over 2 years she will be 100 years old!

Photo credit: Our Friend Tim Galle who did some work on the house and spoke with the owner about her build date. The deed says 1926 was when she was built.  

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