Trees are a great thing to have and so are Red-headed Woodpeckers! October 25, 2023

Today is Wednesday October 25, 2023 and it's 3:30 pm. After 6 years in the weather and brutal summers of Central Florida it was time to buy a new thermometer for our pasture photos. Don't worry, I compared it with the tunnel of trees thermometer for a few days and they were identical so it passed the Trees Are Good test :-). 

So today in the tunnel of trees it was 83 degrees at 3:30 while in the pasture...

It's 86 degrees and this thermometer is actually being shaded by the fence post.

On a side note, Sunday October 8, 2023 we heard unfamiliar birds in our yard. After letting the Merlin app listen we've identified there are 4 Red-headed Woodpeckers living here for the first time. Kenny built the house in 1990 and we've never heard them here at all! It's so exciting!! We always knew we had Red-bellied, Pileated and Downey Woodpeckers but to have this group show up is a welcome sight! 

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