Trees are Good as we Celebrate Florida's Arbor Day Tomorrow ~ Jan 20th 2024

Today is Friday January 19, 2024, these pictures were taken at 9:51 am. The Tunnel of Trees and Pasture are holding about the same 68 degree temperatures. Winter has been average for us, mid 70s to 40s and 50s, nothing too crazy. This is my favorite time of year! We've gotten more rain than in past Winters but I think we're making up for the dry Spring and Summer we had. I've seen wetter Winters (2014/2015) for sure. 


This first video is our Turkey Oaks in the Pasture. They are a beautiful shade of Orange! 

In the Tunnel of Trees we have 2 Hickorys and they throw a pretty yellow contrast to our Long-leaf Pines and Laurel Oaks. In the first of these 2 videos you can hear a Crow doing it's thing. In the second video, you can hear our Red-headed Woodpeckers that moved in last Spring. 

The Broken Oak also lives in the Tunnel of Trees. He's been this way since July 2023 and he's putting out new shoots so we're just letting him do what he needs to. The Squirrels use him as a highway and the Hickory to the South dazzles him with her shades of yellow.

We love watching our trees grow and change. It's amazing what Mother Nature can do when you just observe her magic and not try too hard to alter her creations. 

#HappyArborDayFlorida! #ArborDay2024

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