Trees Are a Great Thing! August 3rd, 2022 and the Tree Trimmers are here...

It's 8:45 am and the Tunnel of Trees is warm this morning at 82 degrees. Tom's Tree Service is here to limb up some big and small stuff in the yard. They are good guys and understand our love for our trees. Some of these big limbs are right over the house and making Kenny and I a bit nervous.  

The Pasture is much cooler than the Tunnel of Trees today. 73 degrees is comfortable and it's because this part of the pasture gets the morning shade from our giant Laurel Oaks, Live Oaks and Longleaf Pines to the East. 

These are the Before the "Limb Up" pics at 8:45 am...  my heart feels heavy!

Here are some before and after pics - not a true reflection since the after pics were taken at 1:15 pm

Below are more after pics... that is going to be a warm back porch for the next few years! 
Something good is bound to come out of this...

 It's time to look for the Good! The Firecracker Bush is getting a lot more light and the Hummingbirds love it when that bush blooms. If the Firebush, Cross Vine and other flowering plants get more light the Hummingbirds and other pollinators will enjoy that as well. 

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