Trees are Good 8:45 am Tuesday March 13, 2018

 It got down into the mid 30's last night and the Tunnel of Trees held in the heat? 48 degrees at 8:45 am.
The pasture is a bit nippy at 40 degrees. There is an 8 degree difference with the pastre being the cold spot this morning.

Just a side note... While the St Johns River is doing well and back to a normal height the Wekiva River is a completely different story. It's the shallowest we've seen it in 11 years of kayaking there. This is the view from Katie's Landing in Sanford, FL looking South, North and straight across to mud flats. The birds are loving it though!

The SR 429 bridge is being built and pilings driven into the river bed...  This will soon be the "Old Bridge."

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