Trees are Good! Treaty Oak in Jacksonville and Voodoo Plants are Amazing Things too! April 12, 2024

Today, Friday April 5, 2024 is a beautiful day in Central Florida. There is a nice breeze and depending on where you are... it's hovering around 80 degrees. This weather is the reason we're in Florida!

In the Tunnel of Trees it's 78 degrees and 
in the pasture it's 82. 
Trees Are Good! 

The last time this Voodoo Lily bloomed in our yard was 1999. Happy to see it again! The smell of rotting meat is so the plant can attract carrion eating bugs for it's pollination. It's beautiful but smells nasty :-) 


We visited downtown Jacksonville and Jessie Ball Dupont Park where Treaty Oak lives. 
If you love trees like we do, You have got to see this one! 

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