Trees Are a Good Thing ~ June 15, 2023

You'd better believe trees are a good thing. 
If we didn't have our tree covered yard we'd be burning up in the Florida sun! 
2023 has been brutally dry with just a few rain showers here and there and those that hit have been freaky in nature. Last night we had a storm blow through at 12:30 am with 60 mph winds... sounded like a hurricane. In May we got 4 inches of rain in about 1.5  hours! The rest of the year so far has been hot with only sparse bits of rain that don't really penetrate the ground. 
Our weather is becoming more and more strange.

It's 10:15 am on June 15, 2023 and the sun, being so far in the northern sky, has been baking this thermometer in our yard. Right now it reads 89 degrees but in another hour it will hold it's own or even go down with the shade provided by our Oak, Pine hammock. 

The trees from the yard are keeping the temps in the pasture at bay... it's only 86 degrees

When the sun gets a little higher it's game on!

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