Trees are a Great Thing at 12:51 PM on May 20, 2022

We're celebrating the 8th birthday of our Longleaf Pine Tree! We planted it in April/May of 2014 just before we started this blog. It symbolizes and celebrates the lives of several of my favorites... James Neil Kulpan, My Dad, Cajun Kid Flower, our big red Quarter Horse and Miss Thinkin aka Moriah/Bonie our blue roan Appaloosa. They are in the pics of this blog.
This Pine has spent the past 8 years sending a taproot down for water. We're hoping this will be his year to grow and shine!

We're going to call that 89 degrees - The Pasture is loud and proud at 12:51 PM on Friday May 20th 2022! Welcome to Central Florida and May's humid days...

Our Yard, that we fondly call the Tunnel of Trees is a nice breezy 87 degrees!
All because of the shade!!


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