It's not been over 68 degrees in 5 days but today January 28th, 2022 it's a beautiful 72! Trees are good!

It's not been over 68 degrees in 5 days and we've had serious cloud cover with drizzling mist. We've actually gotten a 1/2 inch of rain from it. In our yard, at 1:00 pm where all the trees are located it's 70 degrees and the Pasture is a pleasant 72 degrees. Tonight in Central Florida it's going to be 35, tomorrow Saturday Jan. 29th 2022 the high will be around 47 and 27 tomorrow night. Sunday should return to 50 something and 35 at night. It's been at least 2 years since we've had a good freeze and hopefully this will take care of some of the invasive species that have crept in... The plants are covered, Squirrels are in their tree houses, we have put lots of bird seed out and have battened down the hatches! 


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